Rahul Gandhi to fight for sanitation workers in Delhi

Rahul Gandhi to fight for sanitation workers in Delhi pardesi news 1459247690

Rahul Gandhi comes out in support of the sanitation workers on strike

 Following the strike by sanitation workers of East Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), Rahul Gandhi has stepped out to show his support to the workers on strike.

The workers have been on strike since 2 June to protest against non-payment salary dues which has led into stinking piles of garbage all around Delhi, causing huge inconvenience to the residents.

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi delivered a speech on Friday, 12 June at Patparganj, where MCD office is located and told the workers to exhibit their power to the state and central government.

While interacting with the angry and disappointed sanitation workers, Gandhi said, “I will take up the responsibility of the salaries of MCD workers.” He also assured them that he is ready to join their protest.

“When the MCD workers demand their salary from the Delhi government, the state government tell them it is the centre’s responsibility. When they go to the Centre, it says the state government is responsible. Both the state and central government are only making excuses,” he said.

Gandhi admitted to have plenty of spare time for the striking workers and offered to give them all the strength he has. “I have time. You tell me and I will stay here for one, two or even 10 hours…I can be here for 15 days if you want,” Gandhi said.

Gandhi's speech supporting the MCD workers comes as the Delhi High Court later on Friday directed the Delhi government to release by 15 June the salary dues of East MCD employees, according to PTI. 


Delhi Chief Minister, Kejriwal had announced that his government will release pending salaries of sanitation workers, doctors and teachers of two municipal corporations for April and May.

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