UK-based NRI millionaire to construct 6,000 homes in India

UK based NRI millionaire to construct 6 000 homes in India pardesi news 1459247743

A UK-based millionaire has decided to come to the rescue of Delhi’s Bawana refugees by building them homes.

Robin Raina, a UK-based millionaire, has decided to build 6,000 homes for the homeless people in India. He was reportedly troubled to see slums being demolished and scores of people rendered homeless in India.

The slums inhabited by the Bawana refugees in Yamuna Pushta area were recently demolished rendering many people homeless in the aftermath of preparations if 2010 Commonwealth games in Delhi. Mr. Raina was concerned about those homeless people and to help them, he decided to build ‘homes’ for them.

Mr. Raina has recently set up the Robin Raina Foundation (RRF) and pledged his time and resources to philanthropy. He stated that he has been travelling across Asia and Africa for the past two decades and during these travels he came to know about the large population of homeless and underprivileged people. This moved Raina to set up RRF foundation to do charity for homeless people and uneducated and malnourished children in the world. “In last two decades, I saw malnourished and handicapped children without any education during my travels across Asia and Africa thus I pledged by setting up the Robin Raina Foundation to invest my time and resources in humanity”, said Raina.

Most of Raina’s work is presently concentrated in North India, but RRF projects are also spread across the country in Mumbai, Delhi, J&K, UP and other areas. Having already built over 1,500 homes for the refugees living behind Red Fort area, in Delhi Mr. Raina said, his next mission is to build 6,000 more homes for the homeless in Delhi and Noida.

Robin Raina runs a billion dollar American Software Company and recently won a multi-million dollar contract with the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

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