Know the 11-year-old NRI who is selling passwords, to become rich

Know the 11 year old NRI who is selling passwords to become rich pardesi news 1459247742

This enterprising 11-year-old NRI girl is getting rich and famous, by selling passwords

In spite of the fact that hacking has become a kid’s game, we seldom do that little brainwork in framing a password that will be strong enough to protect our information from the cyber perpetrators. But a teenager of New York, Mira Modi, an NRI, is not only doing it, but making enough cash out of it as well. Surprisingly, she is just 11 years old.

Mira Modi, a sixth grader girl, has launched her own website named Diceware Passwords. This site generates passwords that are cryptologically secured or ‘hack-proof’ and she sells them for $2 each. It technology used in Diceware program is quite complicated by the standard of a school goer but Mira finds it “cool”. Way to go, girl!

"I think (good passwords are) important. Now we have such good computers, people can hack into anything so much more quickly," the enterprising girl said.

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