Verdict of my cases is a big worry on my head: Salman Khan

Verdict of my cases is a big worry on my head Salman Khan pardesi news 1459247742

The popular actor’s off-screen life is marred by controversy and legal troubles, a big trouble for him and his immediate family.

It seems that despite all the success he has achieved in the film industry and the huge fan following, the impending verdict of his court cases is always at the back of the superstar Salman Khan’s mind.

In a recent interview the actor also shared that whenever he thinks about the verdict of his pending cases he feels like a  sword is hanging  a above his head all the time. While during his promotion of his upcoming movie ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’, when asked by a reporter that how his court case and the tough time he spent does affects his work-life balance, Salman Khan replied that whenever during the shooting of his movie he gets worried about his tough times, then his works in the films certainly become much better.

Commenting further on his legal troubles and why it’s a cause of concern, Salman Khan said, "What is going to happen to the verdicts. If you add five...Five years it comes to 10-15 years. That is a big worry on my parents head...My head. It is a big one. It is not in magistrate court... It is in High Court. Whatever will be my life's journey after that.....Will take it”.

Expressing his disappointment, Salman also said, “The case is not in the Magistrate’s court. It is in the High Court but let’s see what happens now. In the middle of all this to be doing comedy, ‘Bigg Boss’ with a sword hanging on your head and your parents reacting to it and to see what they are going through is really bad. The beauty of my job is no matter how well I do it there is always this talk that I am insensitive. People say he is dancing with Jacqueline Fernandez, romancing with Sonam Kapoor, going to Poland while he has hunting and accident case on him and yet he is enjoying. His film has earned Rs 600 crores. They don’t even know how much of it comes to me. All these things go totally against me and all my good work when it comes to people responsible for signing that verdict”.

Salman is presently undergoing trial in the 2002 hit and-run case in Mumbai. On 28 September 2002, Khan was arrested for rash and negligent driving after his car ran into a bakery in Mumbai; one person who was sleeping on the pavement outside the bakery died and three others were injured in the mishap. Charges of culpable homicide were laid against the actor, but were later dropped by the court. The verdict for Salman Khan in the 2002 hit-and-run case has been pronounced in May 2015 and the actor has been sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. He is presently out on an interim relief. Two more cases pending against him in Jodhpur, Rajasthan include - the Arms Act (for illegal arms possession), and the Wildlife Protection Act, the blackbucks poaching case or the hunting of the Chinkara, an endangered species.

Salman Khan, the super actor from India regularly features in listings of the most influential people in Indian culture. He was ranked 7th in Forbes's first global list of highest-paid actor in the world, and in 2015 the Indian superstar whizzed ahead of the US President Barack Obama in the list of 'The Most Admired Personalities' of India. In September 2015, a leading magazine declared him as 'The Most Attractive Personality' in India. However, the popular actor’s off-screen life is marred by controversy and legal troubles, which sporadically add up to big tension for him.

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