Indian maid wins award for her dedicated service

Indian maid wins award for her dedicated service pardesi news 1459247742

Eashwari Shellaiah works with Swami Home, a voluntary welfare organization in Singapore

Maid service is something that is taken for granted, especially in countries like India where the service is probably quite abundant and cheap. So, it may come to surprise for many that a woman of Indian origin who works as a maid in Singapore won an award for her dedication from a woman welfare association.

Eashwari Shellaiah, 47, joined her current employer Madam Kalaiselvi, 53, in 2011, when she suffered a stroke and was left bed ridden. Her duty included carrying her 76 kg weighing employer from the bed to her wheelchair, cheering her up, taking her to toilet, and accompanying her to Asian Women's Welfare Association Readycare Centre thrice a week. She was paid a meagre $400 every month for her services. It was this association which rewarded her for her services. Easwari Shellaiah, was chosen model care giving domestic helper of the year by Asian Women's Welfare Association (AWWA).  

Eashwari Shellaiah moved to Singapore in 1986, working with a voluntary welfare organisation, Swami Home. "I just want to keep on giving and helping others. I am happiest when I feel that I have helped others live better," Easwari said on receiving the award.

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