NRI’s ‘Taj Mahal-on-the-Swan’ in Australia to be demolished

NRI s Taj Mahal on the Swan in Australia to be demolished pardesi news 1459247737

The massive mansion will be destroyed as the controversial NRI couple failed to reach an agreement with the local council.

Pankaj and Radhika Oswal’s A$ 70 million property in Perth, Australia where they were in the course of building a massive mansion known as the ‘Taj Mahal-on-the-Swan’, will be demolished since the controversial couple failed to reach an agreement with the local council.

Oswal couple, once the Australian business tycoon had purchased the multiple blocks in a posh suburb of Perth, in early 2000 to construct their property. They have reportedly spent more than A$ 25 million buying the land before starting construction of the home on the 6,600-square-metre site. Work on the mansion however ended in 2010, when the couple experienced business problems and fled to Dubai. The massive mansion included a temple, gym, observatory and revolving roof parking area.

According to the authorities an application by the Oswals to prevent the demolition was withdrawn, the preparation works for new construction must begin by December 31 and the site must be cleared by September 30 2016, all at the Oswal’s expense.

The controversial property was being built by the Oswals who fled the Australia in 2011, when their Burrup Fertilisers Empire (the Burrup Holdings Limited) collapsed a year earlier. They left owing millions of dollars in taxes, to the Australia government. Oswals once had an estimated fortune of over A$ 2 billion, making them as among the richest people in Australia.  

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