After 8 years at CSK, Mahendra Singh Dhoni all set to join new IPL team

After 8 years at CSK Mahendra Singh Dhoni all set to join new IPL team pardesi news 1459247737

No more ‘whistle-blowing’, as Mahi to leave Chennai Super Kings after eight years

Mahendra Singh Dhoni who represented the face of his IPL franchise, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) ever since IPL incepted in India in 2008, is all set to change his patron next season. If sources are to be believed, the Indian skipper who had been with CSK for the past 8 years will be playing for some other team in 2016. Importantly, he has captained CSK team or the yellow brigade, as the CSK adored the yellow sporting attire for all these years. CSK team, which had bought the most successful Indian captain for the highest price of $1.5 million (then worth about Rs 7.5 crore) at the first IPL auction in January 2008, has been suspended by BCCI for the two years for alleged involvement in the match-fixing case.

Speculations were on once the two years long suspension on CSK was announced and many thought ‘Mahi’, as he is fondly called, would rather stay out of IPL than playing for some other team. But according to the reliable sources, and seeing his form and brand value, it would probably not be a good idea for him to skip the event. Moreover, there is no such pressure whatsoever from the CSK authorities, adds source.  If Dhoni continues to play after two years, then CSK will most probably try to buy him back. "We won't say Dhoni's association with CSK is over, but for now, he will play for some other team" the source revealed.

There are two vacant slots after suspension of CSK and RR (Rajasthan Royals) and invariably, MS Dhoni would be the prime targets of both the new entrants. So, Dhoni fans need not to be disappointed, they can still cheer for their ‘Mahi’, though not in the yellow cap. 

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