Nawaz Sharif heckled during speech in US

Nawaz Sharif heckled during speech in US pardesi news 1459247736

As Sharif began delivering his address at the US Institute of Peace, a prominent independent think-tank here, a protester raised slogans - “Free Baluchistan”.

Pakistan Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif had an unpleasant experience on his second bilateral visit to the US, as the Pakistan Prime Minister. 

While addressing the US Institute of Peace which is an independent 'think-tank', a protester among the audience shouted “Free Baluchistan”.  The activist also called Sharif an ally of Osama bin Laden. The protester who has been identified as Ahmer Musti Khan was carrying the poster, demanded freedom of Baluchistan (or Balochistan) provinces, where the Pakistani army has been reportedly engaged with several atrocities of the local people, who are demanding freedom. 

Security forces posted their immediately took him into custody and shown out of the auditorium. After this short disruption, Pakistan premier resumed his speech and said that India is engaged in a “major arms build-up”, which compels Pakistan to respond in equal measure. 

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