US Sikhs protest illegal confinement of political prisoners in India

US Sikhs protest illegal confinement of political prisoners in India pardesi news 1459247736

Sikh Americans gathered against India reported violations against its 'political' prisoners.

Thousand of Sikh Youths, under the banner of Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) have raised their voice against the reported violation of law by the legal authorities in India.  SFJ is a non profit, tax-exempt US based human rights advocacy group

In the early October, there was a huge gathering of US Sikhs in New York City's Time Square to protest against the Indian authorities, who have confined several Sikhs in their prisons even after completion of their sentences. They are the ‘political’ prisoners confined in the different prisons of India. The crowd gathered had named it as the ‘Freedom Rally’ and wore false shackles in solidarity with those prisoners.

Importantly, the same organization had sought for prosecution of the Indian PM Modi for 2002 Gujarat riots in Canada and the US, during his visits to these countries earlier this year.

The effort is also on to rope in Bhai Surat Singh Khalsa, the civil rights activists who is practicing the fast-unto-death since 16th January 2015 for the same cause. There are reportedly about 80 Sikh political prisoners, locked in the Indian jails. 

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