Triple Talaq by NRI man on WhatsApp

Triple Talaq by NRI man on WhatsApp pardesi news 1459247736

NRI man sends Talaq shocker to wife on WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging application is now being shockingly used by the Muslim men to divorce their wives, using the triple talaq provision under their religion. This is in addition to the increasing use of new social media platforms such as Skype, mobile text messages, and emails to deliver oral 'talaq' or divorce.

Such a shocking case has been recently reported in Alapuzha, Kerala, where a 21 years old wife of an NRI man got the shock of a lifetime when her phone buzzed with the message from her estranged husband of around 10 days giving her triple talaq on WhatsApp. The message further states, if he likes apple, it does not mean he has to eat it every day. Shocked and humiliated the wife has sought for assistance from the Kerala women’s commission court. As per the reports, the widow mother of the young wife had reportedly paid Rs. 10 lakhs along with around 80 gold sovereigns, as dowry for the marriage. After the wedding, man went back to Dubai and never informed his wife about his safe arrival. Upon further messages and phone calls from the wife, he sent a message with ‘talaq’ written thrice.

Under the ‘talaq’ provision, the Muslim husband says 'talaq' in Arabic which means 'I divorce you' to his wife, three times. Some require a waiting period between the utterance of each talaq word to allow time for the couple to try and reconcile, while others allow for all three talaqs to be said at once.

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