'Marakkilla Areekkadine Nhangal', a Virtual NRI philanthropic group leads by example

 Marakkilla Areekkadine Nhangal a Virtual NRI philanthropic group leads by example pardesi news 1459247735

A virtual group created to get in touch with friends in Areekkad soon ventured into charitable activities.

'Marakkilla Areekkadine Nhangal' or MAJ is a 37 member, philanthropic group started by few NRI, working in the Gulf countries and wanting to reconnect with the people belonging to their native place situated in Areekkad in Kerala. This NRI group which exists as a WhatsApp group works on solving problems related to the food shortage, unavailability of medicines, shelter, drinking water and other pertinent issues faced by the common people.

It helps in providing the basic essentials to around 20 families every month, including 2 sovereigns of gold for five girls who were getting married.

According to Kamaruddeen Parakkat Maliyekkal, general secretary of the group and an NRI himself, “As any other group, our group admin N Sakkeer, a non-resident Indian, started this group in 2013 to get in touch with friends in Areekkad and those working in other gulf countries....However, the group soon ventured into charitable activities with the realisation that several families in our locality were struggling for food, medicine and safe housing”.

To become a member of this philanthropic group, you pay Rs. 1,000/- membership fee, monthly fees are Rs. 500 for NRI Keralites while Rs. 200 for Keralites based in India. 

It is indeed heartening to see that when social media and communication technology is known to mostly casual activities, here are some handful people who are using this technology for something constructive and charitable.  

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