US-based NRI offering stationary bikes in India to provide electricity

US based NRI offering stationary bikes in India to provide electricity pardesi news 1459247734

NRI billionaire to provide stationary bikes to power homes

Manoj Bhargava, 62, a US-based Indian-American billionaire, has come up with an initiative off distributing around 10,000 stationary bikes in India for powering individual homes. By 2016, Mr. Bhargava plans to run a pilot project testing the first 50 bikes in at least 20 small villages in the Uttarakhand state.

Bhargava informed that the bikes can power lights and other basic appliances for a day by pedalling it for an hour. However, Bhargava believes that the main challenge is expected to be the distribution of these stationary bikes, and to counter it he would prefer incentivising this distributors with profits, thus expediting the distribution process.

He suggests that a single village can invest in purchasing a single bike and multiple batteries for providing electricity to different homes by swapping batteries. He says, “A village can pool its resources, buying one bike but multiple batteries that can be swapped out to power individual homes”.

Manoj Bhargava is also known to the international world as the creator of the famous 5-hour Energy drink. He is based in Michigan and his family moved to the US over 50 years ago. 

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