Australia PM Congratulates NRI for saving a man life in the year 2011

Australia PM Congratulates NRI for saving a man life in the year 2011 pardesi news 1459247734

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull hailed NRI man for saving a man who suffered a cardiac arrest four years ago.

Kulwider Singh, who has been living in Australia for the past 20 years, was recently congratulated by Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia, for saving a person named Michael Williams at Central Station in 2011. Mr. Singh had made use of a ‘defibrillator’ to support Williams who had a cardiac arrest.

Mr. Turnbull had made a note on face book, “a great honour to meet Kulwinder Singh who works for Sydney Trains, at Central this morning... Whenever I bump into people working at Sydney trains they are friendly and professional but I am so proud we have people like Kulwinder looking after passengers. Another reason to catch a train ", the Australian PM's post said on visiting the Sydney Trains office.

Mr. Tumbull expressed his pleasure by stating that he is honoured to meet persons like Kulwinder Singh, who are taking care of passengers at the Sydney Trains. In response Kulwinder Singh stated that he was not expecting such a nice gesture from the PM and finds it really unbelievable. He added that the incident just reflects his responsibilities in the line of duty and he is happy to help any customer in need.

Singh had completed his post graduate studies in Agriculture and came to Australia in 1995. He commenced working for the railways in 1996 in Sydney.

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