An interesting case of a Manipuri mistaken for an Indonesian in Singapore

An interesting case of a Manipuri mistaken for an Indonesian in Singapore pardesi news 1459247734

A Manipuri citizen mistaken for an Indonesian in Singapore

There are always some stories to be told by anyone hailing from north eastern states (NE) of India, about racist comments hurled at them, never being treated as Indian citizen or confusing them for Chinese or Korean even by their own countrymen. Events of violence against them are getting common these days. But a journalist from Manipur had quite an interesting story to share with us.

An Indian scribe, Ms. Natalia Ningthoujam was on her maiden trip to Singapore on being invited by Disney for their upcoming film Good Dinosaur. She is foodie with a keen interest in Indian cuisine. When she found out that the hotel she had put up served popular Indian snack chhole bhature and that bhature are not the way they should be, she went up to the manager to let him know. A surprised manager asked how she knew.

Upon being told that she is Indian he said due to her fair complexion along with Mongoloid features, he had mistaken her for Indonesian. Only later in the day, when she came to know that most Indian settled in Singapore come from south India, it is a common belief that Indians are dark.

Owing to my Mongoloid features, people in India often think that I hail from Korea or China instead of the north eastern Indian state Manipur. It was no different when I set my foot in Singapore for the first time. People of the Lion City thought I must be from Indonesia or Malaysia or anywhere else - apart from India! But this time, it wasn't because of my facial features... Nevertheless, I enjoyed my one day and two nights stay in Singapore. Hopefully, if I visit the spick and span city again, the citizens won't confuse me for an Indonesian”, said the Indian scribe in her article published in the Business Standard.


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