Bigg Boss is back with 'Double Trouble', in its 9th Season

Bigg Boss is back with Double Trouble in its 9th Season pardesi news 1459247732

Popular Indian reality show went online on Colors TV, 11 October 2015.

Bigg Boss 9 (or BB9), also known as Bigg Boss: Double Trouble is the ninth season of the Indian reality TV series, online since 11 October 2015 on Colors TV. Famous actor Salman Khan, amidst speculations of him probably not hosting the show this season, finally returned to host the ninth season, his sixth in a row.  

The housemates of big boss double trouble include actors such as Aman Verma, Rimi Sen, Vikas Bhalla, Prince Narula (Mtv Rodies X2 Winner), among others. As usual, it will have 14 initial contestants, with few probable additions in between the episodes. Most of contestants are normally attached with some controversies. There was news in the Indian media that the makers of the show were also reportedly approaching the controversial ‘Radhe Maa’ and Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh for participating in the show, but they are presently not the part of the initial participants included. One of the online article meant to create humour said in its tag-line, “Failing to find a single celebrity in current season of Bigg Boss, an enraged viewer today sued makers of the show for cheating its loyal audience by stuffing nobodies in the show”.

This season house theme mainly revolves on the participants entering the house in pairs rather than as individual housemates. Even, this time the bedroom for the participants contains all double beds. However, the constituent theme for this season is "Navras", also known as the nine dominant emotions of human being, related to the ninth season of this popular reality show — however, it still remain to be seen how the diverse two concepts can be combined, if at all.   

The Bigg Boss house sections are replicated to depict places in history and around the globe. The house exterior is designed to recreate the resemblance of the Garden of Eden, while the bathroom area are crafted with the Las Vegas theme, though the confession room remained situated between the kitchen and the living area, also featuring a royal themed chair.

A typical week has begun with nominations, followed with the eviction of a Housemate or probably 2 housemates (a pair this time) during the Saturday-Sunday episodes.

Unlike last year's edition of Bigg Boss Halla Bol, which was extended by a month, it is expected that the show will probably have no extensions this time. In the last season, even the famous actor, Salman was unable to host the show till the last, because of his movie - Bajrangi Bhaijaan Shooting.

Bigg Boss is considered the Indian edition of the UK’s Big Brother. The reality show, though have been extremely popular at times, have also been in news  for generating high voltage drama and courting controversies, during past seasons. 

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