Did Neeru Bajwa get married to a mystery man?

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Neeru Bajwa is currently busy promoting her upcoming Punjabi movie Sardar Ji with Diljit Dosanjh. The movie is slated to release on June 26th and her Punjabi fans are eagerly waiting to watch her on the big screen.

If we are to go by Neeru Bajwa's Instagram posts, she might have found her prince charming. It is also possible that the Canadian born Punjabi actress, Neeru Bajwa, might have got engaged/married, secretly, to a mystery man.

How do we know? Well, she has recently been  posting pictures on her Instagram account which clearly suggests the presence of someone special in her life.

Neeru's mystery man, who never shows his face in the pictures, has also managed to build some suspense around him. We can't help but wonder who this special man is? Neeru Bajwa, who hasn’t yet made any official engagement or marriage announcements, has been posting pictures with her special someone for a few weeks now.

It seems as if the well-known Punjabi actress knows how to create some buzz and excitement among her fans.

The beautiful actress posted the following picture of her photo shoot with her special someone last month and captioned it as, “Exclusive photo shoot with @vanmysteryman…

Doesn’t she look happy in the above picture? With 180K Instagram followers, the talented actress has sure made some waves with these pictures on her account. Fans are going gaga and are left wondering when did she get married?

She also posted this picture of a beautiful Tiffany ring and captioned, “Thank you my darling... best husband in the world @vanmysteryman”.

Now, what more proof one would need than her caption itself?


Neeru Bajwa has made a huge mark for herself in the Punjabi industry and has got a huge fan base. If this news is true, Pardesi News and all her fans would like to wish her all the luck.

Well, we understand it’s her personal life, but, we are sure her fans would love to know who this mystery man is! 

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