JAZBAA Gets Mixed Reactions from Audiences

JAZBAA Gets Mixed Reactions from Audiences pardesi news 1459247730

Aishwarya’s comeback movie generates ‘mixed reactions’ from audiences and ‘not-so-good’ reviews from the critics

A famous criminal lawyer character, played by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, faces an ethical dilemma in the movie when her daughter is kidnapped to get her to defend a criminal. Will she manage to nail the culpable and protect her daughter? Can the Hero of the movie, Irrfan Khan help her? Let’s find it out in Sanjay Gupta's latest film, Jazbaa!


Aishwarya Rai Bachan makes a comeback after 5 years with the movie, Jazbaa. The movie revolves around Anuradha Varma (Aishwarya), a famous criminal lawyer who has a record of always winning her cases and accepting only those cases which pay her well even if the accused is guilty. In the movie, she is forced to defend a convict, charged with rape and murder charges in order to save her kidnapped pre-teen daughter. The story depicts the moral and social dilemma between the tough lawyer and a helpless mother.


The movie is a remake of South Korean thriller— Seven Days. The lawyer gets support from an Inspector Yohan (Irrfan Khan), a famous but suspended police officer, who also has a soft corner for her.  Shabana Azmi plays the role of the dead victim’s mother whom Aishwarya and Irfaan patronize to get an insight to the horrific act, Aishwarya gets distressed by the fact that she is fighting in favour of the criminal.


The story takes sharp turn with the entry of a politician (Jackie Shroff), who tries to protect his drug addict son (Siddhant Kapoor). Moreover, Anuradha has only a week time before the trial ends, forcing her to race against time and corruption to save her daughter. As the story proceeds many mysteries are unfolded making the climax interesting. 


From action sequences to emotional scenes the film is considered as good and at some places 'heavy'. The story also has several flaws, few scenes are over-dramatized, making it difficult for the viewers to correlate with the movie. Sanjay Gupta known for his technical skills tried his best to make a balance between technique and storytelling but still a lot of hard work seems to be missing on his part.  Overall the movie Jazbaa, may be considered a one-time watch, it has generated mixed reactions from the audiences and not-so-good reviews from the critics.

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