19-year Old NRI Girl died in mysterious circumstances in Melbourne, Australia

19 year Old NRI Girl died in mysterious circumstances in Melbourne Australia pardesi news 1459247729

Indian-Origin Teen Killed in Car Crash in Australia

Aashima Goyal, 19, a commerce student of The University of Wollgong who lived in Campbel town area in south west Sydney, died in mysterious circumstances in Melbourne, as she jumped out of the fast moving car. The car was driven by a 20-year old man, which was reportedly struck by a tipper truck. Ms. Aashima Goyal died on spot. The tragic incident occurred on 25 September 2015.

Kylie Macfarlane, the Acting Inspector, stated that the circumstances of how and why the woman left the vehicle at high speed still has not been ascertained yet. The whole circumstances which lead to her death were very mysterious. Many vehicles deviated from her, but a truck could not stop and hit her, she died on the spot.

The Acting Inspector added that it may take considerable amount of time for investigation by the detectives. Praveen Goyal, Aashima’s father, informed that he had taken his daughter’s remains back to India to conduct prayer rituals by her extended family.

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