New York-based NRI forum to help drought hit farmers in Maharashtra

New York based NRI forum to help drought hit farmers in Maharashtra pardesi news 1459247728

Maharashtra NRIs to set up forum to help farmers

A group of NRIs from Maharashtra have set-up a Maharashtra Development Forum (MDF) in New York, to assist the government to initiate welfare measures for helping the drought-hit farmers and kin of those farmers who have committed suicide.

Mr. Ranjit Patil, the Maharashtra Minister of State for Home, who was in New York recently, informed that he interacted with around 30 prominent professionals from various different sectors hailing from Maharashtra at the residence of the Consul General of India Mr. Dnyaneshwar Mulay, who guided them in ways to participate back home in India and help the poor and needy farmers. Patil even suggested them to adopt families of children of the dead farmers and fund their education.

MDF will comprise experts from various fields who are settled and successful in the US and will also be recognised as an official channel and source to provide their expertise to the state government in areas such as finance, health care, medical and pharma research, security, architecture, IT, human resource and skill development.

The forum has decided to meet with the Consul Mulay regularly via video conferencing and firm up their future actions.

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