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Watch the Great ‘Crawl’ of China

Watch the Great Crawl of China pardesi news 1459247728

Massive traffic jams were seen across all highways leading to Beijing as the week-long holiday, which started on October 1, drew to a close.

China tends to do everything a bit bigger than the rest of the world, including traffic jams. In what could have been world's worst and undoubtedly the largest traffic jam ever, an astonishing over several hundred million people (reportedly over 750 million), who went on the holidays during China's National Day Golden Week, were struck for several hours across all national highways in China, as they began their journeys back home

The photographs of the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau 1,412-mile expressway showed hundreds of thousands of families on their way home on the penultimate day of the holidays, struck in massive jams putting China literally on-a-crawl throughout the day.

This incredible aerial footage, as captured by the drone, showed the sheer magnitude of the monster traffic jam and the resultant chaos which followed it.

The similar scenes of the massive traffic jams were also repeated on several other expressways across the country. For a fact, the entire North China, including the capital city Beijing, was on a ‘smog-alert’ due to the sheer volume of people on the move.

Later the China National Tourism Administration confirmed that the 2015 Golden Week tourism figures have witnessed over 6% year-on-year increase, with record-breaking numbers of commuters on the Chinese highways.

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