Interpol notice against 9 Canadian NRIs for smuggling drugs

Interpol notice against 9 Canadian NRIs for smuggling drugs pardesi news 1459247727

Interpol issues notice against 9 Canadian NRIs for smuggling drugs

The International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol) has issued red corner notices, which is similar to international warrants, against nine Indo-Canadian peoples for their alleged involvement in a drug smuggling network.

The notices were issued against Ranjit “Daraa” Aujla, LehmberDaleh, Parminder Singh Deo, Sarabjit Singh Sandar, Harbans Singh Sidhu, Nirankar Singh Dhillon, Gursewak Singh Dhillon, Amarjit Singh and Pardip Singh.

Aujla, former president of the BC Kabaddi Federation, pleaded innocence and vowed to fight the case in India. He added the allegations have been swirling as rumours and the occasional news reports since the 2013 arrest of Jagdish Bhola, former policeman and wrestler, in Punjab.

At that time, the Punjab police in India has alleged Bhola was the leader of a billion-dollar network supplying heroin and methamphetamine to North America and Europe through his Indo-Canadian contacts, who smuggled drugs out of India. Meanwhile, Deo, another accused in the case, said that he has only hired a lawyer in Punjab to get more information about the case. He informed that he had not gone to India in the last four years. 

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