NASA issued stunning photos of Indo-Pak border

NASA issued stunning photos of Indo Pak border pardesi news 1459247726

This is what the Indo-Pak border looks like at night from space

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have recently shared two stunning pictures of the international border between India and Pakistan as seen from outer space on their Facebook page.

The stunning photographs taken from space, shows the cities in Pakistan and India while also showing the international border between the two countries. The international border can be easily identified from space — because of the security lights that run all across the border. The line of lights, with a distinctly ‘orange’ hue, snaking across the centre of the image, is the heavily guarded fenced and floodlit border zone between India and Pakistan, which is designed to discourage smuggling and arms trafficking. This is followed by the city lights and darkness of the agriculture, which move closely along with the great curves of the Indus Valley. Of the hundreds of ‘yellow’ clusters of lights, the largest are the capital cities of Islamabad in Pakistan, and New Delhi in India. The lines of major highways connecting the cities also stand out clearly in the photographs.

NASA, in its website, says the image was taken with a 16 mm lens, by an astronaut aboard the International Space Station which provides the wide field of view, as the International Space Station (ISS) was tracking towards the southeast across India. The following photograph of the region was reportedly clicked the previous year in the month of June.

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