What is Overseas Indian Facilitation Centre (OIFC?)

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OIFC, a PPP initiative between MEA (also Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA)) and CII, provides assistance in guiding and facilitating the investment requirements of the NRIs and the PIOs, all across the world

Established in 2007, with the objective of supporting the millions of the members of the Indian Diaspora (including both NRIs and the PIOs) community to connect better with the homeland - India, Overseas Indian Facilitation Centre (OIFC), a non-profit government venture, enjoys the due credibility of serving Indians globally under the umbrella of the Government Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in association with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), India’s apex industry chamber. 


In other words, OIFC is a public-private-partnership (PPP) initiative between MEA (also Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA)) and CII, providing all possible assistances in guiding and facilitating the investment requirements of the Indians staying abroad. OIFC is headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana. The present CEO of OIFC is Ms Charu Mathur.


OIFC, with its objective, to establish an effective 'ECONOMIC' engagement roots, has its own panel of specialized knowledge experts; each specializing in different spheres, providing valuable assistance to the NRIs and (people of Indian origins) PIOs in making their investment decisions with adequate safety and profitability.  


Each investor is reportedly provided with a customized professional support, normally OIFC's hand-picked professional consultants, irrespective of the size of investment. The organization normally conduct several b2b (business-to-business) meetings between the Indian Diaspora members, also including the state and the central officials. In recent times, OIFC has partnered with various state governments also to help them getting the foreign direct investment for the states. 


The mandate of OIFC is to provide the following offerings to the NRIs and the PIOs:


A) Promoting overseas Indian investments into India, deriving and facilitating long term benefits from the business partnership, B) Establishing and maintain a Diaspora Knowledge Network, C) Functioning as a clearing house for all investment related information and also acting as a one-stop shop for the overseas Indians investment requirements, D) Providing advisory services to PIOs and NRIs on real time basis, while reducing transaction costs of doing business and E) Assisting Indian states in parallel to project investment opportunities


OIFC also has a connection of Network Groups that allow the member of India Diaspora to communicate with other network members sharing knowledge and opinions on topics relevant to investing in India. Following are the links to some of the Network Groups:


Super Power India 20:20:

Market Place: 

Export, Import, International Trade:


One can also follow OIFC on Facebook at Facebook/OIFC.IN and Twitter @ OIFCIndia. For more information, please visit the website -


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