US H-1B visa fee made cheaper

US H 1B visa fee made cheaper pardesi news 1459247719

Legislation with regard to a $2,000 fee on H-1B visas for companies having more than 50% of its employees is now over

The US Congress has let the H-1B visa fee lapsed, which was mostly imposed on the Indian IT companies. Thus, the Indian IT firms can now enjoy a breather as around $2000 fee involved in H-1B is now lapsed in a US congress Republican majority.  The legislation on the $2,000 fee on H-1B visas for companies with over half its employees from overseas was adopted by the US Congress in 2010. In fact, the Indian firms have been describing the fee on the highly-qualified IT professionals coming to the US on H-1B visa as "discriminatory".  

NASSCOM President R Chandrashekhar represented the fee as unreasonable. He said the move is most welcome as the Indian tech industry has extensively contributed an estimated over $375 million in the visa costs.  He said, "It had nothing to try and do with the IT business. It absolutely was applied in an unjust manner, those specifically targeted Indian firms".

However, some critics say the US Congress should be looking for more ways to discourage outsourcing, instead making it more profitable.

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