Indian doctor under probe over cancer treatment in Britain

Indian doctor under probe over cancer treatment in Britain pardesi news 1459247718

An Indian-origin doctor in Britain has been suspended and is facing an investigation over the treatment he gave to his cancer patients.

In UK, an Indian-origin doctor, Arackal Manu Nair has been facing an investigation, for the wrong treatments provided by him to the cancer patients. Dr, Nair was a consultant urologist at the Heart of England NHS Trust, Spire Parkway Hospital and Solihull Hospital in UK. He was first suspended, and has presently resigned from his posts, as the investigation has proceeded in his case. In 2014, he was suspended when suspicions where voiced about his surgery to the hospital administration.

According to Andrew Catto, executive medical director and deputy CEO at the Heart of England NHS Trust, “Following concerns regarding the clinical practice of consultant urologist Arackal Manu Nair, the trust, working with its independent sector partners Spire Parkway and BMI The Priory, requested a team from the Royal College of Surgeons to review his surgical practices in the NHS and independent sector”.

The investigation is conducted by the General Medical Council for his treatment of 170 radical prostatic to the patients at Solihull Hospital and his treatment of cancer patients at the Spire Healthcare group. 

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