Know the 11-year-old Indian-origin schoolgirl securing the highest possible marks on a British Mensa test

Know the 11 year old Indian origin schoolgirl has secured the highest possible marks on a British Mensa test pardesi news 1561025422

An 11 year old Indian-origin school girl has recently scored the highest possible score on British Mensa test. She is now invited into the elite Mensa membership club.

An 11-year-old Indian-origin school girl, Jiya Vaducha has secured the highest possible marks on a British Mensa test and was invited into the elite Mensa membership club of children with a high IQ. She has scored the highest possible marks of 162 on the Cattell III B paper recently.

Her mother is an accountant by profession who runs a software consultancy Schnell Solutions Limited with her husband Jignesh. Their extended family is based in Mumbai. According to her parents, “As parents, we are absolutely elated about Jiya’s achievement. From a very young age, she displayed characteristics of someone with a high intellect but by scoring 162, she has completely surprised us”.   

Interestingly, being surrounded by accountant, IT consultants and business people in the family, Jiya wants to avoid any profession that ties her in one room. Her ambition is to use her strong academic base in the field of art and music, which she wholeheartedly enjoys. Congratulations have been pouring in from friends and family around the world, with Jiya turning into a mini-celebrity as her autograph is sought by some of her schoolmates ever since the results came out.

Mensa membership is open to anyone who can demonstrate an IQ in the top 2%t, either through the society's own supervised test or on the evidence of a psychologist's report.  While 162 is the highest score possible on this test, that does not mean it is impossible to be any brighter, British Mensa explained. The organization has also clarified that the tendency to compare such achievements with scientists Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking is flawed because there is no evidence that either geniuses ever took a similar test.

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