A Team Led by Indian-origin researcher has been selected by NASA for future CubeSat Mission.

A Team Led by Indian origin researcher has been selected by NASA for future CubeSat Mission pardesi news 1556079394

CubeSats are miniature satellites intended as a standard, inexpensive design that can easily fit alongside larger satellites aboard launch vehicles.

The researchers from the Yale Undergraduate Aerospace Association (YUAA), led by 21-year-old Keshav Raghavan, are among the 16 teams across the country whose CubeSats will be flown into space on missions planned to launch in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

The CubeSat model has given student groups, hobbyist organizations, and research teams operating with limited funding or experience unprecedented access to space. The team said that as the satellite is 'smaller than a loaf of bread,' it costs orders of magnitude less than large-scale satellites. The work, so far, has culminated in a viable prototype that the team anticipates will be ready for launch in slightly over a year

Importantly the CubeSat, is a mini research satellite to detect cosmic rays flown into space on future missions of the US space agency. CubeSats are important for future space missions, as they are much cheaper and compatible with other satellites, and can be easily fit alongside larger satellites on launch rockets. Generally, CubeSat missions cost about USD 30,000 to develop, but Keshav’s team should be able to able to do it in a budget of USD 13-20,000. 

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