Indian-Origin Youth Arrested in Orlando for Trying to Steal Aircraft

Indian Origin Youth Arrested in Orlando for Trying to Steal Aircraft pardesi news 1538798851

A 22-year-old Indian-origin student was charged with trying to steal a passenger jet at the Orlando airport, in the US.

An Indian-origin youth Nishal Sankat, 22, was arrested and charged with criminal attempt to steal a plane after he entered the cockpit of an aircraft at Orlando Melbourne International Airport.

On September, 20th the accused reportedly came near the airport in his car. He jumped over the barbed wire fence and reached the aircraft under maintenance. To avoid any suspicion, he kept his car ignition on. He was arrested after flight maintenance workers challenged him and summoned the airport police who immediately arrested him. Police are trying to ascertain what he wanted to do with the aircraft.

According to the local police, “The individual was confronted as soon as he was on the aircraft. The employee who was on the aircraft took appropriate action and escorted him off the aircraft,” after he was dragged from the plane, Sankat broke free, running back toward the jet. Soon after police took him into custody, CBS said.

Sankat, a part-time student of aviation management at the Florida Institute of Technology, received a commercial pilot’s license from the Federal Aviation Administration eight months ago. He was not qualified to fly this type of plane.

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