Indian-origin Nobel laureate seeks for 'sensible' immigration system

Indian origin Nobel laureate seeks for sensible immigration system pardesi news 1537533866

A “sensible” post-BREXIT immigration system has been called for by UK-based Nobel Prize-winning Biologist.

India-born Nobel Prize winning biologist Sir Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, popularly known as Prof.  Venki,  has called for a "sensible" post-Brexit immigration system to ensure that mobility of scientists is maintained when Britain leaves the European Union (EU) in 2019.

Prof Venki, who was born in Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, and went on to study biology in the US before moving to the UK 19 years ago, recalled a “fairly simple” process he underwent at the time.

The India-born Nobel Prize winning biologist, is currently the President of the UK's Royal Society, and is the country's key advocate for science, warned that UK is in danger of losing its position as a leading scientific hub in the event of a no-deal or bad-deal scenario in the ongoing negotiations on the country's future ties with the EU. According to Prof Venki, "We in the Royal Society and the rest of the scientific community are working very hard to have a new sensible system for immigration that would be fast, transparent, efficient and with proportionate costs…We plan to fight very, very hard to make mobility straight forward, regulations transparent and efficient so that this is less of an issue. This is a political fight, but we intend to do our best”.

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