Know the Indian-American prodigy, a graduate at 15

Know the Indian American prodigy a graduate at 15 pardesi news 1532925752

Tanishq Abraham, 15-year-old Indian-American boy graduates as engineer, and starts PhD in the US.

An Indian-American, Tanishq Abraham has completed his graduation in biomedical engineering and is all set to start his doctorate. The 15-year-old Indian-American child prodigy has graduated from the University of California, Davis with the highest honours of summa cum laude.

Tanishq has big dreams of finding solutions to critical problems, "Yeah, of course, what everybody likes to say and what I am also interested in is, of course, cancer and developing new treatments for cancer, more effective treatments for cancer," he said.

Tanishq Abraham was born in Sacramento, California, USA in June 2003; his parents – father Bijou Abraham, a software engineer and mother Taji Abraham, a veterinarian, migrated to America from Kerala, India. His parents, especially his mother, noticed that even as a toddler he loved children’s books and by the age of two, he could remember and recall everything he heard and read, including how to tell the time on the clock. He aspires to become a doctor, a medical researcher, a Nobel Prize Winner and President of the United States of America.

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