An India-born becomes ‘Deputat’ in Russian Assembly

An India born becomes Deputat in Russian Assembly pardesi news 1529835972

Born in Bihar, Abhay Kumar Singh has created history after becoming a lawmaker in a provincial Assembly of Russia, his adopted country.

Originally from Bihar, Abhay Kumar Singh has created history after becoming a lawmaker in a provincial Assembly; he was recently elected to the Kursk city Assembly on a ticket of “United Russia”. The party is the ruling political party led by President Vladimir Putin. The United Russia party is ruling Russia for the past 18 years. Earlier in March this year, the same party led by won the elections with a thumping majority in the federal assembly. He won to become a “Deputat”, equivalent to a MLA in India.

Mr. Singh joined Putin’s party in 2017.  He says that initially, he used to feel awkward in the setting, being the only Indian in the party but things got smoother as he proceeded. “I was very impressed by the policies of Vladimir Putin as he has been able to bring back the clout of Russia in the world and so I felt that I should also contribute to his work’, says the India-born Russian Deputat. Speaking on India, he saysm  “I am still interested in the political happenings in India, and I like Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar. I want that relations between India and Russia always stay warm as they have been. Everyone here still remembers the popular slogan ‘Hindi Russi Bhai Bhai’. That is the spirit that should govern our relations”.

He migrated to the erstwhile Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) in 1991, to study medicine after completing his graduation in India. Following up with pharmaceutical, he entered into real estate business.   He first struck high political notes in 2012 when the then Indian ambassador to Russia Ajai Malhotra inaugurated the Uralskiy Trade Centre located in the heart of Kursk city; he owns the mall. The Russian city Kursk is an ancient city best known for the defeat of Adolf Hitler's army in 1943.

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