Indian PM pitches for the permanent UNSC seat

Indian PM pitches for the permanent UNSC seat pardesi news 1459247716

PM Modi pitches for India's permanent seat in UNSC, says world's largest democracies must be included

Indian Prime Minister, Modi called for reforms at the United Nations, including in its Security Council – making it credible and legitimate and also continuing for the India's push for a permanent seat at the council.

Speaking at the UN Summit on Sustainable Development, the Indian PM pushed for the UNSC reforms to take place within a "fixed timeframe" in the current session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). He further said that the world body reflects the mindset of a century "we left behind" and is not in tune with new concerns such as the terrorism and climate change. Modi also added that the UNSC "must include the world's largest democracies, major locomotives of the global economy, and voices from all the major continents to carry greater credibility and legitimacy". He further said, “Countries that provide large peacekeeping forces don't have adequate representation in decision-making bodies. Mandates are ambitious, resources inadequate”.

PM Modi, while talking about the modern age challenges like trends in demography, urbanization and migrations, said, “The reform of the Security Council within a fixed time frame has become an urgent and important task". He further added, “I am delighted that we are meeting again as Heads of Government after ten years. We live in a fundamentally different world from the time the UN was born… We finally see some moment; the 69th session of General Assembly has taken a significant step forward to commence text based negotiations. This is just the first step. We should aim to take this process to its logical conclusion during the 70th session”.

PM Modi also asserted that global challenges such as the climate change and sustainable development are the collective responsibility of all nations.

India is making a strong bid for a permanent seat in an expanded Security Council, which currently has five permanent members (also known as Permanent Five, Big Five, or P5) -- China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Reportedly four out of the Big Five are eagerly in favour of India’s inclusion to the UNSC, with only China remaining non-committal.

Importantly, each of the permanent members has special rights such as the Power to Veto, enabling them to prevent the adoption of any "substantive" draft Council resolution. The ten non-permanent members are elected for two-year terms by the UN General Assembly.  

The UN General Assembly has already adopted a negotiating document for long-pending reforms of the powerful wing of the world body and the US, one of the council's permanent members, has said it is committed to India's inclusion as a permanent member.

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