Indian-Origin Lawyer Elected Leader of Singapore's Opposition Party

Indian Origin Lawyer Elected Leader of Singapore s Opposition Party pardesi news 1523513220

An Indian-origin lawyer and lawmaker in Singapore was elected unopposed as the new secretary general of the Workers' Party.


Pritam Singh, an Indian-origin lawmaker, was recently elected unopposed as the new secretary-general of Singapore’s main Opposition Workers’ Party. Pritam Singh, 41, is an MP for Aljunied Group Representation Constituency, a five-member group representation constituency in the north-eastern and eastern region of Singapore. He was elected to Parliament in May 2011. Importantly, this was the first change of leadership in 17 years. Earlier, Low Thia, who held the party's top post since 2001, had announced in November that he would not contest the party-post election to make way for new blood.

The Indian-origin lawmaker was educated at the National University of Singapore under the SAF's Local Study Award, where he completed a BA (Hons) degree in 2000. 

Political analysts say Singh’s ascension to the leadership position will bring significant challenges.  



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