Indian-origin teenager found hanged in UK school grounds

Indian origin teenager found hanged in UK school grounds pardesi news 1522817261

As an inquest to death, the victim may have felt excluded by her friends after not being included in a WhatsApp group.

An Indian-origin teenager, Elena Mondal, 14, was found hanged in the grounds of a top UK grammar school. The victim was reportedly feeling excluded by her classmates for not including her in a WhatsApp group.

The victim was found unresponsive by her teachers in a wooded area. A wellbeing manager at the school, Kelly Barry, said that Elena had been referred to the school counsellor after missing meals and complaining of depression – but had missed several appointments. However, her parents, Shyamal and Moushumi Mondal, feared that their daughter was being bullied at the girls' school, which was ranked the top performing state-funded school in the UK in 2016 and 2017.

According to the School officials the deceased Indian-origin teenager, wanted to be a doctor, once fled a classroom in tears clutching a pair of scissors, before collapsing in a corridor and cutting her arms in a toilet.

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