Mehul Garg: Indian-origin boy sets new MENSA record

Mehul Garg Indian origin boy sets new MENSA record pardesi news 1519799882

A 10-year-old Indian-origin boy in the UK has become the youngest applicant in a decade to achieve the highest score in the Mensa IQ test, beating geniuses like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Mehul Garg, 10, an Indian-origin boy from the United Kingdom, has accomplished highest score in Mensa IQ test. He has superseded the scores of both Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawkins by scoring 162, which are two marks higher than that of the science geniuses. He scored this number in the IQ test meant to become Mensa member and was chosen to be the youngest member of the decade. Mehul is a student of Reading Boys Grammar School in Reading, southern England. He enjoys solving Rubik’s Cube but that too in 100 seconds.


Importantly, Mensa is non-profit organization for those who score at 98th percentile or higher on a uniform; controlled IQ or other accepted intelligence tests. It is the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world. Mensa works towards identifying and nurturing human intelligence for benefit of humanity. It encourages research and provides stimulating intellectual and social environment for its members. Established in October 1946 and headquartered in Lincolnshire England Mensa is a 134,000 members’ society.


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