Indian-American Social Entrepreneur gets Hind Rattan award

Indian American Social Entrepreneur gets Hind Rattan pardesi news 1517750243

Indian-American Social Entrepreneur and Prince Organisation CEO Sunil Tolani, was recently honoured with ‘Hind Rattan Award’.

The Hind Rattan award recognizes the achievements of Sunil Tolani, a businessman, serial entrepreneur and philanthropist who truly embodies the best of India in America.

From humble beginnings, Mr. Sunil Tolani is now the head of a business empire – Prince Organization that now owns vast properties in the hospitality industry. According to Mr. Tolani, “I credit my parents for instilling values and teaching me the importance of promoting ethical and kind behaviour. I live by example that greatness is not found in material possessions, power or position, but in goodness, service, good character and humility. I am a human with a heart and soul behind the vast organisation and not a heartless CEO. I try to do my best to bring a holistic approach to business as our reach and care goes far beyond the walls of our numerous enterprises and business interests across the Americas. This honour is my biggest trophy and it feels like I have won the Super bowl, the World Series, the Stanley Cup and the World Cup trophy all at once. I will continue to make our Global Indian community even more proud”.

Speaking on the occasion, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated, “NRIs have been our brand ambassadors since decades. They are showcasing the image of India by culture, tradition, skills and style of life while dwelling in foreign countries. It will be our duty to keep them sentimentally and emotionally linked for enabling them to make substantial contributions towards the progress of the motherland. NRIs have now become the strength of an economically and financially powerful India. They have always been in forefront to upload the dignity and cause of motherland that is Bharat”.


The ‘Hind Rattan Award’ (Jewel of India) is one of the highest Indian diasporic award granted every year to NRIs by the NRI Welfare Society of India.

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