Saudi engineer flogging an India worker, video goes viral

Saudi engineer flogging an India worker video goes viral pardesi news 1459247715

Saudi engineer flogging an India worker, video goes viral

A shocking video showing a Saudi engineer mercilessly beating an Indian worker engaged in the Grand Mosque expansion work in Mecca, Saudi Arabia has gone viral. In a nearly two-minute video clip, an Indian expat worker is seen pleading for mercy even, as a Saudi engineer continues to brutally kick, flog and even spit on him. 

The video was initially shared on Facebook, with the caption: "Saudis beat an Indian to pulp”, and since then has been viewed by thousands on social media, across the globe.   

This video has racked up a major debate on the rights of immigrant workers in Saudi Arabia. A Saudi Lawyer Abdulaziz Al-Mushaiti has reportedly approached the Saudi government for the arrest of the engineer, involved in this incident. 

Mr. Al Mushaiti noted that, “the treatment of the worker was inhumane and swift legal action must be taken to punish the guilty”. Importantly, the lack of rights, issues of social security and deplorable working conditions of the overseas employees in Saudi Arabia has been always a hot topic of discussion and this incident is just a grim reminder that the issue needs urgent attention from the Saudi government.

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