Indian-origin NYC equity exec mauled to death by shark in the US

Indian origin NYC equity exec mauled to death by shark in the US pardesi news 1513743693

The Manhattan equity director was mauled to death by shark while scuba diving off Costa Rican coast in the US.

An Indian-origin US financier, Ms. Rohina Bhandari, 49, a Wall Street private equity manager from New York City,  has been killed in a shark attack while scuba diving off a Costa Rican island in the Pacific Ocean. She suffered fatal bites to both her legs during the shark attack, as she was diving with a group near Cocos Island, a national park about 300 miles off the Costa Rican mainland. She was dragged from the Pacific Ocean but could not be saved. A dive master also suffered a shark bite but those injuries were not life-threatening.

The deceased was a senior director at WL Ross & Co. LL, a firm founded by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, and often attended New York City charity events. The Indian-origin US financier was among a group of 18 people diving off Cocos Island National Park, a World Heritage Site that’s known for its abundant species of sharks.

Friends paid tribute to the Manhattan resident on Facebook. "Unbelievably sad and heartbreaking news that Rohina has died,….She was such a wonderful person who loved life. I will always remember her kindness, friendship and our adventures together”, wrote Julie Walker.  Another friend wrote: "Your kindness and genuine warmth to those of us lucky enough to call you 'friend' was a blessing to behold”.

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