Indian-origin couple gets top US award for 'Breakthrough' AIDS research

Indian origin couple gets top US award for Breakthrough AIDS research pardesi news 1509685931

An Indian-origin couple was conferred with a prestigious award for their breakthrough research and contribution in prevention and care for AIDS/HIV.

The Indian-origin couple researchers, Dr. Salim Abdool Karim and Dr. Quarraisha Abdool Karim, both professors of epidemiology at Columbia University- New York and are honorary academics at the University of KwaZulu- South Africa, are currently involved in innovation in preventing HIV in women.

At the 19th international meeting of the Institute for Human Virology (IHV) - US, Mr. Robert Gallo, the discoverer of HIV as the cause of AIDS presented the award to the Indian-origin couple researcher. Gallo lauded their work as unprecedented in the history of HIV research.

Their landmark study in 2010 to demonstrate that antiretroviral could prevent sexual transmission of HIV was recognized as one of the top scientific breakthroughs of the year 2017. The couple was the first to give details on how Antiretrovirals could play a role in preventing the sexual transmission of HIV. They also discovered that Tenofovir Gel could also play an important role in the prevention of Herpes. The same was the very first drug which proved to be effective against the disease.

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