Indian-origin woman, Harleen Grewal left to perish in blazing car in the US

Indian origin woman Harleen Grewal left to perish in blazing car in the US pardesi news 1508578617

A 25-year-old Indian-origin woman was left to die in a blazing car by her driver following a fiery crash in the US.

Ms. Harleen Grewal, a 25-year-old Indian-origin woman recently died an unfortunate death in the US. She was left to die in a burning car by her chauffer, Saed Ahmad after a massive crash. Harleen’s luxury Infiniti 35G sedan was slammed-by into a concrete barrier on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. While the driver took a cab and simply fled from the scene to a hospital, the victim was engulfed by the fire ball in the car.

The severely burnt woman passenger was discovered by the firemen while striving to extinguish the flames. Harleen was pronounced immediately. The local police reported that Ahmad was found in Maimonides Medical Centre with minor burns on his arms and legs. The accused was charged with a number of criminal offences including negligent homicide, manslaughter, speeding, unlicensed operation of the car, leaving the area of the accident while the car was still in flames. The case’s final arraignment is due to be held in Brooklyn Criminal Court.

The accused has made a confession of having a few drinks before the collision but when subjected to blood test, he was not found legally drunk. Before hitting the barrier, he was allegedly driving in and out of the traffic constantly on the expressway.

The grieving boyfriend of Grewal, who worked for a catering company, said she was a selfless soul who always looked out for others. "She would do anything for people," Karan Singh Dhillon was quoted as saying.

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