Indian-American couple pledges $200mn to transform healthcare in India

Indian American couple pledges 200mn to transform healthcare in India pardesi news 1507988845

With a $200 million commitment, an Indian American doctor couple has teamed up with a Florida university to bring world class medical education to India.

An Indian-American doctor couple associated with the Florida University, in the US has decided to escort a world class medical education in India and potentially transform healthcare in the country with a commitment of $200 million.

Kiran Patel who is a cardiologist and his wife Pallavi Patel who is a Paediatrician, with their initiative the Nova South-eastern University (NSU) will open a new campus in Tampa. The couple had a commitment to spend the pledged amount by 2019 to set up a 40 hectare campus in Vadodara in Gujarat with Nova University to expand their operations in India. The college will be accredited with American bodies to start residency in India.

They planned to appoint American professors in India and Indian professors to be trained in US to academically produce students of the same distinction as those graduating in the US and also the Indian doctors will have an exposure to modern healthcare.

With the help of renamed Nova institutions in the US producing 500 graduates and from India more 300 graduates together are coming out of the university to serve in an increasingly borderless world.

Kiran conceptualized a system where an American school in India will provide American degrees, while Indian school will offer Indian degrees. He also visualized and tried selling a concept that instead of patients visiting, the doctors will be sent to the various locations wherever needed.

In the later days they plan to expand the concept in Africa as well. Kiran realises that this gift to Nova has actually enhanced his dream of enhancing healthcare in India.

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