Know the 14 year old Indian-origin boy, youngest to fly single- engine plane

Know the 14 year old Indian origin boy youngest to fly single engine plane pardesi news 1505789524

An Indian-origin teenager based in Sharjah has become one of the youngest pilots to fly a single-engine aircraft.

A grade 9 student from the Delhi private school in Sharjah, Mansour Anis has recently received the honor for his solo flight from an aviation academy in the Canada. The 14 year old, Indian–origin boy successfully took off and landed from the Langley Airport.

The Indian–origin boy reportedly made the record of being the youngest pilot with the minimum number of training hours. The solo flight certificate was issued on August 30th, 2017 by the AAA Aviation Flight Academy.

Anis breaking the previous record was held by a 15 year old German pilot and a 14 year old pilot from the USA taking 34 hours to complete the training, where as Anis took 25 hours to complete his training.

The Indian–origin boy now holds a student pilot permit after he flew to Cessna 152 aircraft on his solo flight. The solo flight was around 10 minutes long, during this Anis had took the aircraft to the runway from the parking bay, he took off the plane and landed back in 5 minutes. He also passed a radio communication test scoring 96 percent. This is an eligibility test for transport Canada.

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