Patient arrested for killing Indian–origin Psychiatrist from Kansas

Patient arrested for killing Indian origin Psychiatrist from Kansas pardesi news 1505790327

An Indian-origin was stabbed multiple times in Kansas, the US. The suspect is said to be one of his patients, who has now been arrested.

An Indian-origin Dr. Achutha N. Reddy, 57, a psychiatrist from the Nalgonda district of Telengana, was recently killed by his own patient in the East Wichita clinic, in Kansas. The young Indian American, Umar Rashid Dutt, 21, was arrested for killing an Indian origin Psychiatrist in his own clinic in Kansas. 

The attack on Dr Achutha N. Reddy began at his clinic and ended in a nearby lane as the fleeing Doctor was reportedly chased down by the suspect.

Fellow Doctors mourned for Dr. Reddy, who also introduced yoga in his treatment. Police Lieutenant briefed that the office manager of Dr. Reddy felt a disturbance in the clinic and went in. The manager tried to stop the assassin and helped the doctor to flee, but he was chased down and stabbed. There were multiple wounds on Dr. Reddy’s body gained from the lethal attack.

The suspect was arrested from a nearby country club within a short time when a security guard informed about a man covered with blood in a car.  The accused grew up in Wichita with his parents and sister, completed high school in 2014 and did a few semesters at Wichita State University but did not graduate. He is currently, is being held in prison on a $1 million bond.

The victim doctor graduated from Osmania Medical College, Hydrabad in 1986, did internship from St. Louis University in 1994 and was a residency at Kansas University school of Medicine- Wichita. 

Importantly, the Indian-origin doctor is the second Indian killed this year in Kansas. Telangana resident Srinivas Kuchibhotla was shot dead in a racist hate crime in February, 2017.      

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