Indian-origin Scientist bags prestigious Marconi award

Indian origin Scientist bags prestigious Marconi award pardesi news 1502168414

The US-based Marconi Society, dedicated to furthering scientific achievements in communications and related technologies, has announced that it will present the 2017 Marconi Prize to an Indian-American computer engineer, Dr. Arun N. Netraval.

An Indian-American computer engineer, Dr. Arun N. Netraval, 71, has bagged $100,000 Marconi award. He is credited with major contributions in digital technology including today’s digital TV, HDTV (high definition television) and video services by pioneering the key base MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) tech.  

Dr. Netravali, former President of Bell Labs (now Nokia Bell Labs), has pioneered work on video compression standards that served as the key base technology for MPEG 1, 2 and 4 that enabled a wide range of video services including digital TV, HDTV and streaming video, ushering in a digital video revolution. Importantly, MPEG is an international standard for encoding and compressing video images, which is used in most TV sets and mobile phones today.

The US-based Marconi Society is dedicated to furthering scientific achievements in communications and related technologies. The prize includes a cash component of $100,000 and will be given at the awards ceremony which will take place in Summit, New Jersey on October 3rd, 2017.

The Indian-origin computer engineer has served as Lucent's Chief Technology Officer and Chief Network Architect. He received his undergraduate degree from IIT Bombay, India, and an M.S. and a Ph.D. from Rice University in Houston, Texas, all in electrical engineering. Several global universities, including the Ecole Polytechnique Federale in Lausanne, Switzerland, have honored him with honorary doctorates. Prior to joining Bell Labs, Netravali was an adjunct Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). While at Bell Labs, he taught at City College of New York, Columbia University, and Rutgers University. Dr. Netravali is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, Tau Beta Phi and Sigma Xi. He is also an IEEE fellow. He is the author of over 170 technical papers, 70 patents, and three books in the areas of picture processing, digital television, and computer networks.

Dr. Netravali has also served the Indian government on the global board of advisers for its telecom initiative.  He has received numerous prestigious awards including the Marconi Prize, the Padma Bhushan Award from the Indian government, the National Medal of Technology from President George W. Bush, the Computers & Communications Prize, the Alexander Graham Bell Medal, the IEEE Kilby Medal, the IEEE Frederik Philips Award, and the National Association of Software and Services Companies in India Medal.

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