Love in the times of partition!

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He was dry and humorless with large boots to match his arrogance and quick temper, but a tender heart, and an all-consuming passion that scared most. She was a wild gust of wind, free, untamed and uncontrollable, delicate in form but dauntless in spirit and the answer to his fiery passions.

You may think Sunderlal and Lajwanti are just made for each other as the two effortlessly slip into their roles of the domineering man and his hopelessly-in-love, doting wife. But their journey of love must survive one of the biggest upheavals of Indian history - The Partition. 

How will the catastrophe affect the course of their love story? From 28th September, airing every Monday-Friday, Zee TV’s latest primetime offering ‘Rajinder Singh Bedi Dwara Rachit Lajwanti’, is a turbulent love story, one of separation and a twist of circumstances that questions the sanctity of Lajwanti’s love and loyalty. 

Lajwanti is a bright-eyed, courageous village girl with an indomitable spirit who always stands up for the truth and is forever hopeful that even in the most turbulent times, it’s her love that will help her stay afloat. Initially reluctant to marry a city boy, she falls deeply and madly in love with Sunderlal, one of the few privileged young men of Badami Baug, Lahore who can boast of anEnglish medium education. He is the product of a generation where a man’s worth was calculated on the basis of how well he controlled his woman. 

He is a deeply passionate lover, a man who feels he owns his woman. Raised to believe that a woman’s first and foremost duty is towards her man, Lajwanti tolerates Suderlal’s temper and rushes into his arms at the first sign of truce from him.  What happens to this tempestuous relationship in the face of the Partition movement forms the crux of ‘Lajwanti’. 

Zee TV Business Head Pradeep Hejmadi said, “The partition remains one of Indian history’s most challenging times as it saw one of the largest population movements ever recorded and a complete breakdown of law and order. It threw up countless human interest stories – some inspiring, some heart-wrenching, many of which have been chronicled beautifully in books. Television has not explored this epochal event adequately and we saw great merit in presenting one such story, Lajwanti. We have been a consistent leader of the 10:30 PM slot and plan to only up the ante with this show.” 

This year marks the 100th birth anniversary of the prolific writer Rajinder Singh Bedi, best known for his screenplays for Bimal Roy’s classic Madhumati and many of Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s films. Lajwanti is one of his most popular stories and his granddaughter – noted television writer-producer Ila Bedi Datta - is all set to present audiences with an adaptation of ‘Lajwanti’. 

Debutante Ankita Sharma will essay the character of the protagonist Lajwanti while popular actor Sid Makkar will be seen as Sunderlal. This primetime drama on Zee TV will have an ensemble of more than 25 characters in pivotal roles.

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