Indians the largest group of foreign skilled workers in the UK, says research

Indians the largest group of foreign skilled workers in the UK says research pardesi news 1489125766

According to a recent research, the working force of the UK comprises of a large number of Indian workers, comprising the largest group of foreign skilled workers.

UK is home to millions of Indian nationals, several of them belonging to the working class. These Indians account for approximately 2.2% of the total UK population.

As per a recent report, Indians represented the largest number of overseas skilled workers in the UK with the number being as high as 53,575. These workers were officially granted permission to live and work in the UK. Based on official figures, these workers make up almost 57% of the overseas workforce that were granted visas and authorized permits for employment.

The Office of National Statistics in the UK revealed that “The information technology sector sponsored 42% of the skilled worker visa applications, followed by professional, scientific and technical activities, which sponsored 19%, and financial and insurance activities sponsored 12%”. “Indian nationals were issued the largest proportion (40 per cent of the total) of skilled work visas in the 2010 cohort and, of these skilled Indian nationals, 32 per cent had received settlement after five years, while a further 12 per cent still had valid leave to remain in the UK,” the ONS says further.

The latest figures will further highlight the importance of mobility of professionals and students as part of the wider India-UK relationship.

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