The Go Mata Drive - NRI couples are taking-up cows back home

The Go Mata Drive NRI couples are taking up cows back home pardesi news 1479876958

Till a few years ago, just a handful of people were about the Gopashtami, the festival that worships cows. This has changed and in a recent case, a US-based couple Vikas and Usha Sharma contacted a Jhunsi gaushala and adopted four cows.

 All it took was video conferencing for the couple to convince gaushala official Vikas Pandey, who said people are showing interest in adopting cows and are keeping in touch with many gaushalas through social networking sites or popular messaging apps. 

  “Not only from the city or other states, NRI couples are now approaching gaushalas to adopt cows”, says Mr. Pandey. According to the Goshala owner, in recent times they have been approached by five-foreign based couples - "This is the first time Indians settled in aboard have shown interest... in all, we have been approached by five foreign-based couples”.    Till a few years ago very few knew about Gopashtami but that has changed and people are coming forward to adopt cows, as is the case of the Sharma couple.    

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