In a First ever - Indian cricketers officially wear their mother’s names on shirts!

In a First ever Indian cricketers officially wear their mother s names on shirts  pardesi news 1478084226

This is for the first time the Indian cricketers wore the jerseys with their mothers’ names.

The entire Indian cricket team squad, led by Captain M.S. Dhoni, chose the final one-dayer against the New Zealand team as an occasion to express gratitude to their mothers. They gracefully adore the team jerseys with the names of their mothers inscribed.

Importantly, this was done as a tribute to an integral family and life individual that does not get as much attention as the father does. Normally, the last names are derived from the fathers’ names, which put more focus and attention on the father than the mother.

Just before the match, Dhoni said in an interview: “We are quite used to having the surnames from the dad’s side. And, what’s important is to appreciate the stuff that mothers have done for us….It’s a very emotional connect and it’s good that it’s put on a public platform. I would like to request the whole of India to keep this in mind and appreciate them everyday”.  

It may be recalled that some of these cricketers including Dhoni (mother’s name Devaki), Ajinkya Rahane (Sujata), Virat Kohli (Saroj) have already been seen on TV recapping the contribution of the elderly ladies and the sacrifices they made in making their sons successful cricketers.  

This symbolic gesture is aimed to champion the cause of women in a country which is ranked 130th out of 155 nations in the world on gender equality (United Nations Human Development Report 2015). 

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