'Tutak Tutak Tutiya' is a typical potboiler worth its ticket price

 Tutak Tutak Tutiya is a typical potboiler worth its ticket price pardesi news 1477315871

The film is engaging and intriguing, and keeps one is splits.

 “Tutak Tutak Tutiya” or Abhinetri in Telugu is a comic love story with a ghost involved. It is the story of Krishna (Prabhudheva), 34-year-old, an easygoing man finds his simple life complicated when he learns that his new wife is not as per his wishes.

This guy beyond his prime dreams of marrying an ultra modern girl, but he lands up tying the knot with Devi, a “village belle”, against his wishes and how his disgust gradually turns to love. He brings her to Mumbai and out of embarrassment he hides the news of his marriage and keeps his wife secretly in an apartment. After a few days, he starts noticing her behaving strange and slowly realizes that she is possessed by a spirit whose ambition is to become an actress.

This may also be an oft-witnessed premise, but the unpretentious and novel treatment of the plot is what makes the film stand apart. The writing is fresh and the narrative is stimulating with realistic performances. Sonu Sood plays an actor while Prabhu Dheva seems to be a junior. Tamannaah plays Sonu's glamourous actress wife, while on the other, she brilliantly plays Prabhu Dheva's homely sari-clad wife but a terrorizing one.

Overall, while the film is engaging and intriguing, it suffers from a fatigued second half. But nevertheless, it keeps one in splits.

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