Indian origin doctor couple convicted of fraud in US

Indian origin doctor couple convicted of fraud in US pardesi news 1459247710

The Ajrawats were indicted by the US authorities in June 2014 and may face imprisonment of maximum 10 years. The sentencing is set for February 1 next year.

An Indian-origin doctor couple has been charged with a health care fraud of $2.5 million. Paramjit Singh Ajrawat, 60, and his wife Sukhveen Kaur Ajrawat, 57, were charged with getting involved in a scheme to defraud federal health benefit programmes including Medicare, Mediacid and Tricare.

The couple operated from Washington Pain Management Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.

They defrauded the US government of at least $2.5 million. The couple was also found guilty of wire fraud, obstruction of justice and aggravated identity theft.

It is said that the Ajrawats filed claims for the procedures that were not performed at their pain management clinic or very less expensive procedures were performed and were falsely charged later. 

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